Created by: Greg Fishbone

First appearance: Preteen Patrol #1

Current author: Greg Fishbone


Last updated: 7/31/95

Real name: Astatine ("Teeny")

Status: Active, partnered with Sporkboy. Presumably will become a founding member of the Preteen Patrol.

Description: Nine years old, with blue eyes and short blonde hair with a pony-tail off to the left side.

Known powers: Super-strength, super-speed, flight, and Elvis only knows what else. AquaRegia is packed with power, but has no particular desire to use any of it. She is a math and science genius, but hasn't quite mastered the alphabet. She is easily distracted, and will do just about anything for food.

Major appearances: The Preteen Patrol regular series and "Sesame Street/Preteen Patrol Educational Special".

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