Created by: Greg Fishbone

First appearance: Super Seven #11

Current author: Greg Fishbone

Email: fishbone@user1.channel1.com

Last updated: 7/31/95

Real name: Nancy

Status: Active, solo. Presumably will become a founding member of the Preteen Patrol.

Description: Nine years old, with long red hair, green eyes, and a serious manner. She's very cute, but if you say so to her face she is likely to introduce your face to the pavement at an extremely high velocity.

Known powers: Spoongirl has a great deal of will-power, which she directs almost exclusively into training herself to be a better superhero. She is able to pick locks, move silently, and create various kinds of gadgets. She is a self-taught master of martial arts, and exhibits great strength when she loses her temper.

Major appearances: The Super Seven and Preteen Patrol regular series.

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