Preteen Patrol

Created by: Greg Fishbone

Current author: Greg Fishbone


Current status: Active. Run began January 27, 1995.

Last updated: 7/31/95

Plot overview

Preteen Patrol is the continuing story of three of the youngest heroes in the Superguy pantheon, a trio of third graders who fight for Truth, Justice, and Less Homework on the Weekends. First is Spoongirl, daughter of the legendary Spoonman, who wants nothing more than to follow in her father's crimefighting bootprints. Then there's Sporkboy, who wants more than anything to be a superguy regardless of such obstacles as: (a) his age; (b) the fact that he has no powers; and (c) the fact that his father, police captain Philip Dunne, has an overpowering hatred of superguys. Last in order but greatest in power is AquaRegia, Sporkboy's recently-orphaned cousin, who has an intuitive knowledge of science and mathematics, as well as an overpowering weakness for just about every food product known to mankind.

In the first Preteen Patrol storyline, supervillain Sum-Wan Important arranges for the release of his brother, Nobody Important, from prison in order to obtain an ultimately powerful underling that will allow him to rule the world. The Underling, Number Seven, is accidentally imprinted onto a Dillweed City sanitation worker, however, and soon the entire world peacefully aknowledges Sal the Garbageman as the absolute and uncontested ruler of the planet Earth.

Main characters

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