Created by: Greg Fishbone

First appearance: Super Seven #3

Current author: Greg Fishbone

Email: fishbone@user1.channel1.com

Last updated: 7/31/95

Real name: Unknown

Status: Active, solo (Was one of the Mighty Heroes during the Terranian Royal Wedding Album crossover, along with Mighty Guy, Mighty Dog, and Space Moose.)

Description: Short, fat, middle-aged, asthmatic, and balding, with greasy hair, thick glasses, and a nasally voice, Spoonman should be ranked among the least attractive and uncharasmatic heroes of the day. Inexplicably, however, he is generally considered to be among the sexiest, most desirable men on the planet. There have been countless rumors published about Spoonman's alleged escapades with dozens of actresses, supermodels, pop-singers, and celebrities -- and at least one confirmed affair with a Dillweed City reporter named Wanda Wong. Spoonman has also been romantically linked (against his will) with CalForce's HotFlash, whom he met at the wedding of Princess Ariella Conner to Robert of Terrania.

Known powers: None. Zip. Nada. Although Spoonman carries a number of different kinds of spoons on his utility belt, most are strictly for show and he almost never has to actually use any of them. Spoonman couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag. Spoonman wouldn't recognize a team of supervillains if they came up and introduced themselves. Spoonman couldn't solve a crime if his life depended on it. Fortunately he doesn't need to, having developed his reputation to the point that criminals usually end up surrendering to him on general principal and considering it an honor. Spoonman devotes nearly all of his time to press conferences, personal appearances, photo-ops, and public relations -- and the local media automatically give him credit for nearly every good deed that is done in Dillweed City, not believing that either the police or The Super Seven could ever accomplish anything without Spoonman's help behind the scenes. Spoonman's reputation extends even into the Superguy community, where very few suspect that he is not the ultra-powerful hero he claims to be.

Major appearances: Super Seven and Preteen Patrol series, as well as the Terranian Royal Wedding Album, during which he was credited with saving Europe.

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