Current Author: Louise Freeman

Email: lmf3b@virginia.edu

Real Name: Tony Steelwood

Little is known of Tony Steelwood's early life, save that he is Australian and claims to have been pretty much everywhere and done pretty much everything at one time or another. While maintaining a secret identity as a common groundskeeper of Stately Statewood Estates and serving as surrogate father to his employer's young son Cory, Tony patroled the streets of AlgernontopoliS as the crimefighter Grey Leopard for a number of years (eventually with Cory as sidekick) before his right knee was shattered by a criminal's bullet. Grey Leopard retired from crimefighting and, after his millionaire employer had fled the country to avoid arrest, remained to manage the estate and opened a comic book shop, Legends of Yore, in Dilweed City. After finding the young orphan Mary Agnes, Cory sought out the aide of his former mentor. Tony passed the mantle of the Grey Leopard onto Cory, and together they rescued the child from her evil guardian Madame Bianca. Tony adopted a new secret identity, Legend, and became the leaderof a new supergroup, the Guardians of Rectitude, whose main goal is to train young Mary Agnes to use her powers for good.


Tony Steelwood is in his fifties, with grey eyes and hair. He is well over 6 feet tall, and well conditioned for his age, despite his crippled right leg, which still requires a brace. As Legend, he wears a lavish maroon cape over khaki coverall, and, as both Tony and Legend, he carries an elaborately carved ebony cane. He has never had any superpowers and current serves as a behind the scenes leader and advisor, though if pressed he could probably wield his cane as a formidable weapon.

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