Louise Freeman - Thelma, Queen of Bobs

Email: lmf3b@virginia.edu

Thelma, Queen of Bobs (also known as Dr. Louise M. Freeman, or in civilian mode, Louise Freeman Davis) is an Author, Scientist and Mommy... in reverse order. Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, she earned a B.S. in biology from Emory University in 1988, then spent 7 years in Berkeley, California, doing first a masters and then a doctorate in biological psychology. Currently she is a postdoctoral researcher in the Biology Department of the University of Virginia, where she studies reproductive neuroendolcrinology. Currently she is investigating the sexual differentiation of musk shrews, which has made for some pretty darn interesting conversations with the Calvin crew.

In addition to her Grunion-winning series, Synapse and the Guardians of Rectitude, she has published articles for such journals as _Brain Research_, Journal of Neurobiology_ and Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism_. More details will become available if she ever gets her C. V. up on the Web.

In college she met Brian E. Davis, whom she married in 1990. A former political scientist and Soviet specialist, his interest in pursuing a doctorate dissolved about the same time as the Soviet Union. He then turned his computer skills into a very satistfying career, and Thelma thinks he's a great guy to have around.

On August 23rd, 1996 they became parents of Amanda Elizabeth Davis, the world's most adorable baby. Thelma's Authorial Productivity has declined considerably since the birth, but she does not yet consider herself Dead.



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