Synapse and the Guardians of Rectitude

Author: Lousie Freeman - Thelma, Queen of Bobs


Tony closed the door behind her, then turned to face Cory, his cheery expression suddenly dark.

"Tony, I didn't know what else to do..."

"Does she KNOW about Grey Leopard?" Tony asked in a fierce whisper.

"No, of course not!"

"Then why did you bring her HERE? You know DAMN well I haven't done any Superguy stuff in FIVE YEARS! I haven't been ABLE..." Tony's voice trailed off.

"Tony, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for a lot of things but..."

"Bloody oath, Cory, you should have gone to the POLICE!"

"She's run away before, and the POLICE always sent her back. Like it or not, this Bianca lady's got legal custody of her. You saw the marks on her..."

"Child welfare then..."

"They'd put her in a FOSTER home! One that could be worse than where she's at now! OR they could find out about her powers and SHIP her off to a LAB somewhere..."

"Cory, STOP it! You're exaggerating! There are LAWS on the books to protect kids like her... and agencies to enforce them... it's not our responsibility!"

"Isn't it?" Cory lowered his voice to a whisper. "What about when I was a kid, Tony? How many times did you patch me up after my father..." Cory's voice faltered, and he had to recompose himself "I wasn't YOUR responsibility... just the poor little rich boy whose father you worked for. But you never called in the social workers, did you? Why not? It would have been easier, wouldn't it? Easier than taking care of me all those years. Easier than putting your job and your secret identity and everything else on the line for a spoiled little brat like me. But that's exactly what you did! Why didn't you call child welfare? Could it be that you maybe didn't trust the "system"? That you thought maybe you could protect me better yourself? Well, you were right then. And I think you know I'm right now."

Tony's grey eyes met Cory's blue ones. "You surprise me, Corbin," the man spoke quietly. "I didn't think you remembered..."


Description: An unlikley team of ex- and never-thought-they-would-be heroes bands together to raise one very powerful superchild and train her in the ways and means of crimefighting.

Series Commenced: February 1995


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