Author: Gary W. Olson



'Hmmm,' Legs thought. 'It's time for me to make my villainous escape. But how to distract the heroes...?'

There was a knock at the door. Criticalman, who staggered in from the apartment next door, covered with lipstick prints on his face and uniform, opened the door.

"Phoot's Pizza," the delivery guy said. "I have the pizzas you ordered."

"We didn't order any..." HotFlash started.

"Mine had the canadian bacon!" MeltDown exclaimed, pushing past HotFlash.

"Hey!" HotFlash exclaimed. "Any of these have extra cheese?"

"I think I have a five dollar bill," Badass said, searching his pockets.

"I have worked up a Mighty Appetite!" Mighty Guy exclaimed, inhaling one of the boxes of pizza. "Mmmm! A bit papery, but overall not bad!"

"I had the pepperoni," grumbled Thug #4b from the ground.

"Any of these have green peppers?" Ru Paul asked. Scotchguard, still clinging to her/him, groaned, as his body suffered new levels of pain.

"Say," Radian said, after taking a bite of double cheese pizza. "Where did Legs Luther go?"

"I don't see her," Mighty Guy responded, looking around. "But...Flores! Are you hurt? Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, Mighty Guy," Flores Lame said, hiding the sequinned cape from him. "Legs Luther took over my apartment and used it as a secret hideout and now it's completely wrecked I'm going to go stay at a friend's for the night tell Kent Clark I said hi bye!" She ran out the door, while the heroes, henchmen, thug, cub reporter, pizza delivery guy, and supermodel watched her leave.

"She's getting away," MeltDown hissed to Confusion. "What should we do?"

"Let's get after her," Confusion responded.

"My!" Mighty Guy exclaimed. "This pizza really hit the spot!" He patted his stomach forcefully, causing the whole building to quake, and finally, crumble.

Run: August 1992 - May 1996

Main Characters:

Notes: CalForce the series was started by Gary in August of 1992, over a year after his prior series, Rad ended. Like Rad, the CalForce series focused mainly on humor and satire, rarely becoming serious. This changed around the time of the Magic Wars storyline, as serious drama began to mix with the light narrative tone.

After Radian & Shadebeam was spun off into its own series, taking much of the dark thematic material with it, the lighter side of the series returned, and remained through the end of the series, with episode #150.


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