California Uber Alles

Author: Gary W. Olson



"Why are you possessing Max Vax?" Hardeharharlock asked.

"Actually, he voluntarily agreed to host me," Chustdafax/Max replied. "I am an agent of the Intangiables, the race to which both Gorgax and I belong. I was sent on a mission to capture him, and return him to our dimension for treatment. You see, he was a commercial jingle writer in our dimension, until one day he snapped, and cruelly bludgeoned his fellow jingle writers with what appeared to be an Amish farmer and two kegs of Bud Lite. He then disappeared, and for centuries we searched for him. Tales were retold, rumors of his otherdimensional exploits were exaggerated, tv movies of the week were filmed. Finally, we found out what had happened.

"One of the jingles he had written had somehow opened a rift in the dimensional fabric, and the alien nature of this reality had seeped through. Not being prepared, like I was before I entered, he went mad, and after killing his coworkers, entered the rift. And now, after centuries, our science has finally progressed to the point where we could send in another after him, to bring him back: me. I was conditioned to handle this alien reality, and sent in. It was odd, being without a body, but I eventually got used to it. I could not detect Gorgax when I entered, and decided that that was because he must be dormant. So, I drifted to this nearby planet, and lived amongst the natives. I made my case to Max Vax, the Overking of the people on the planet, and he allowed me to reside in his body, although I rarely took control."

"You were waiting for Gorgax to make his move," Connery noted.

"Exactly," Chustdafax/Max said. "And now he has."

"Why don't you just travel to the planet directly?" Hardeharharlock asked. "After all, if you're like Gorgax, you should be able to travel between the stars freely, without even paying at the toll gates."

"Gorgax can do so only at the expense of much energy," Chust/Max replied. "I must save my energy if I am to open up a dimensional gate and force Gorgax to accompany me back. Also, if I went directly, Gorgax would certainly detect me, and flee before I could reach him. He must not know of me until the last possible instant."

"That instant may be nearer than you think," La Brime said. "There are Blud battleships coming into this sector!"

"Evasive!" Hardeharharlock ordered.

"No, they don't appear interested in evading us," La Brime answered.

"No, no, no," Hardeharharlock said. "Put *us* into evasive maneuvers."

"Oh, okay," La Brime said. The Video Arcadia dodged as the Blud ships opened fire.

Episodes: 5 (October 1992)

Major Characters:

Gorgax, on the loose again, has decided to start an interstellar war between the Ottsamaddawidu Confederation and the Blud Empire by possessing Rad, the former Earth hero, now the Emperor and husband of the Empress Glum. CalForce, having been invited to planet Hottentot along with dignitaries from many worlds to celebrate the birth of Rad and Glum's third child, find themselves having to battle an adversary who can possess any of them in an instant.

Meanwhile, Captain Hardeharharlock and the crew of the Video Arcadia have discovered Max Vax, alive and middle-aged on a planet in the SparselyPopulated System. Soon, they are in a race against time to get Max and the energy being who resides within him, Chustdafax, to Hottentot, to take Gorgax back to the dimension from which he came before war can consume the galaxy!

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