The Candidates Find Common Ground

Author: Gary W. Olson



"Oh, there you are!" Manny said. "Thanks for the telepathic assist, Liz. That was a tough question. Carbohydrate, indeed."

"No problem," Liz replied. "I think Badass is having some problems with the secret service men that have been assigned to protect you." Manny looked across the room, and saw Badass, talking in rather heated tones with several secret service men who had uzis pointed in his general direction.

"What's going on here?" he asked, pushing his way through.

"We caught this nut moving towards you, sir," one of the men wearing double-breasted suits, government-issue 'inconspicuous' haircuts, and pitch black sunglasses said. "The metal detector exploded when he came near it, and our computer check on him pegs him as a dangerously insane mercenary."

"I know," Manny replied. "He's my personal bodyguard."

There was a long pause. "I...see, sir."

"I *told* you I was a member of CalForce," Badass growled. "It's not exactly a secret, you know."

"Well, I don't read the paper much," the secret service man said.

"Working in the secret service probably doesn't leave you with much leisure time, I imagine," Chalandra said.

"No, it's not that," the guy replied. "It's these glasses. I can't see a thing out of them. Have no idea why we're supposed to wear 'em, but everyone else is, so I guess I have to, too. I guess they make us look menacing or something."

"You could take them off once in a while," Faith told him.

"It's against regulations," the secret service man replied. Liz slapped her hand against her forehead in her now patented 'why me?' position.

"Anyone got the latest 'instant polls'?" Badass inquired.

"They're coming through now, Dave," HAL said through the communicator pin on their lapels. "Current numbers have Dave Clinton at 54%, Dave Bush at 20%, Dave Perot at 10%, Dave Barry at 5%, Dave Thomas at 2%, and you, Dave, at..."

"Well?" Manny asked.

"Negative 10%, Dave," HAL said. "Apparently, you scored a knockout punch against yourself."

"Hrrrr, great," Manny grumbled. "What more could happen?"

"Hi, Manny!" a nubile blonde female said, walking in front of him suddenly and without warning. "Remember me?"

"You had to ask," Chalandra told him. Adam rolled his eyes.

Episodes: 8 (October - November 1992)

Major Characters:

Manny Seconds declares his candidacy for President of the United States, and finds he must fight an uphill battle just to get a debate with the other candidates. But the quest by several evil magicians for THE ZAMBONI OF DOOM derail his ambitions?

This storyline is one of the more strongly satirical storylines that has appeared in the CalForce series, concentrating on the follies and hypocrisies of the 1992 Presidential election, while foreshadowing the Magic Wars storyline by introducing Tanaka and re-introducing Hecate, who had previously been introduced in an abandoned Max Vax storyline. This was also the first, and only, so far, crossover involving a series set in the Superguy altiverse and a series set in the Sfstory altiverse, and was the first time Radian learned of the existance of her altiversal twin, Shadebeam.

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