You Oughta Be In Pictures

Authors: Gary W. Olson, Bill Paul



"Andy!" cried T. "Look! It's Dr. Sleaze, the Producer and the actors!"

"You're too late!" sneered Dr. Sleaze. "We have the ingredients with which to mix our own counteragent! *And*, we have something to mix them in!"

Indiana Jones stepped forward.

"Hold it!" he ugred. "You mean to say you've been throwing all those ingredients into that box!?"

"Yes!" said the Producer proudly. "All except the hydrogen peroxide, which I shall add now!"

"No, don't! Don't you understand?! You've been mixing your counteragent in the Ark Of The Covenant!! You could bring the Wrath Of God down on all of us!!"

The knights of the Round Table trembled at Dr. Jones' words, except for Sir Robin who soiled his armor again. The Producer ignored Jones and motioned for Pat Morita to open the box.

"The Ark Of the Covenant?!" repeated Andy as he saw the glow from within the box. "Good lord! Stop!! In the name of Elvis, Stop!!!"

Before anyone could react, the Producer took the bottles of hydrogen peroxide from Howard Stern and threw them into the Ark. At first, nothing happened. Then the sky lit up with a million forks of insanely bright lightning. Awesome peals of thunder shook the gound like an force ten earthquake. The Producer and Dr. Sleaze dove out of the way just as the Ark exploded in a bliding fury. The heavens trembled and split apart as the Wrath Of God burst forth, sliding cardboard jaw and all.

"Caw, bloody Hell!" exclaimed God.

"I'm afraid there's only one thing we can do now." said Andy firmly.

"Yes?" asked King Arthur anxiously.

"RUN AWAY!!!!!!"

Episodes: 15 (November - December 1992)

Major Characters:

Dr. Sleaze and the Producer begin production on "Awesome Force: the Movie," a project intended to destroy the reputation of the Awesome Force and so depress the world that it won't be able to oppose the supervillain's plans. CalForce learns of the scheme, and calls in the Defense Squad and the scattered members of the Awesome Force to help in exposing it. Meanwhile, the owner of a rival movie studio orders Templar Maccabee to lead a group of action movie actors in a raid on the "Awesome Force: the Movie" set, in order to trash the production.

Sound confusing? That's just the beginning. When Dr. Sleaze and The Producer tamper with the special effects generator created by Dr. Gigawatt, projections from hundreds of movies past and present come to life and begin whomping on everyone in the last paragraph, and the rest of southern California as well!

Can our heroes keep Sleaze and the Producer from taking control of the power of the SFX machine? Can the authors keep track of the jillions of characters, both real and unreal, that swarm through the battlefield? Just how much Keeffe is in this storyline, anyway?

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