The Sideburn Scenario

Author: Gary W. Olson



"Surrender now," Radian said. "I won't hurt you...too much..."

Dar gulped. What he had seen in the hangar of the Butte back in episode three had been true, and even stronger than he had forseen. "Child, do you know what that is around your neck?"

"What, this thing?" Radian asked. "A medallion. My ex gave it to me."

"The Z Medallion," Dar breathed. "All these millenia, and now it's back."

"Yeah, whatever," Akane said. "What's the point?"

"What you have is an amplifier," Dar said. "It's original purpose was long forgotten when the world was young, but it has shown the ability to focus magical ability to an unprecedented level. It rivals the Wand of Power in it's potential, yet it is invariably destructive to it's user. Unless... but no, that cannot be. Not one so young, so unversed in the magical sciences..."

"Speaking of sciences," Dr. Science said. "I've got the leaders of every nation in the world on the phone. They're all begging to surrender to us."

"All on the phone at once?" Col. Marshall asked.

"It's a party line," Dr. Science replied.

Episodes: 6 (August - September 1992)

Major Characters:

No sooner has Radian arrived to rejoin CalForce, following a year away finishing graduate school in Tokyo, than CalForce faces their first challenge: the kidnapping of Badass and Chalandra, along with the Star Yacht they were traveling in!

They investigate, and find that the Star Yacht has been stolen by Dar and Dr. Pseudo Science (referred to only as Dr. Science in this story - it was only later that he was revealed to have a brother in the League of Unconcerned Scientists), with the unwitting help of Gen. Hoogland and the not-so-unwitting help of his aide, Col. Marshall. Their purpose in taking the Star Yacht was to acquire an unreachable, mobile platform for the new device by which they intended to conquer the world: the Sideburn Accelerator Ray!

This storyline kicked off the CalForce series, and established many of the basics that would serve as the series' foundation. It also featured some foreshadowing for the next storyline, involving typical suburban child Tommy Anderson and the edition of the Necronomicon he received from the Book of the Month Club.

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