Current Author: Louise Freeman


Real Name: Mary Agnes Flamboyet

Born of a husband-and-wife team of carnival acrobats, Mary Agnes was orphaned at age 7 in a carnival fire, a tragedy multiplied when Madame Bianca manipulated her into believeing she was responsible for starting the blaze, then forced her into using her superpowers for a life of crime. At age 8, Mary Agnes escaped from Bianca and was found by Cory, who later gained permanent custody after discovering he was her long-lost half brother. She currently resides at Stately Statewood Estates and is delighted to consider Tony her new daddy.


Mary Agnes is just under 4 feet tall, with honey-colored hair and brown eyes. Due to her father's extraterrestrial origins, has a super-advanced nervous system, which earned her the nickname of Synapse. As Synapse, she wears a brown leather tunic and leggings with a small green hat and mask.

Known Powers

Her reflexes, motor skills and coordination are far above though of mortal 8 year olds (and adults, for that matter.) She is also resistant to most forms of mind control. She is an adept knife thrower, a skill she learned in the carnival from her father. Most extraordinary, however are her telekinetic skills; she can erect shields around herself and move objects without touching them. However, these powers are not psionic in nature, but generated by the manipulation of sound waves by her vocal cords. Mary Agnes is also vulnerable to all types of neurotoxins; a dose of MSG that would only give a human a mild buzz causes violent seizures and loss of control of her powers. Heaven help us if she ever gets laryngitis.

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