Grey Leopard

Current Author: Louise Freeman


Real Name: Corbin Prescott Statewood IV (Cory)

Though he grew up in a mansion, Corbin Prescott Statewood IV's childhood was Hell (tm): absent mother, abusive father and a long succession of nannies. All that changed when he was 5 and Tony Steelwood came to work as his father's groundskeeper. The kind Australian quickly took the boy under his wing, protected him from his father's beatings and became his teacher and closest friend. Not too coincidently, as it turned out, at this same time, a new hero emerged to partol the streets of Cory's home town of AlgernontopoliS: The Grey Leopard. Cory quickly came to admire the costumed crimefighter almost as much as Tony. Imagine his delight when he discovered the two were one and the same! Young Cory became Grey Leopard's partner and sidekick, adopting the sobriquet "Bobcat", though to his dismay, the local press insisted on calling him "Cubby."

When Cory was a teenager, an unfortunate acrippling accident and a resultant series of misunderstandings put an end to Tony's career as Grey Leopard, and led to a five-year estrangement between the two. Cory left for boarding school and but the athletic skills he had learned as Bobcat to use on the school gymnastics team, eveneually earning a scholarship to the Dillweed City College of Liberal and Conservative Arts. Which came in handy since his father had disowned him by that time.

Cory thought his crimefighting days were behind him until he found young Mary Agnes huddled in the bushes near his fraternity house and learned of her superpowers and her abuse at the hands of her evil guardian, Madame Bianca. After seeking out Tony's assistance, he donned the mantle of the Grey Leopard to rescue the child, and agreed to assist in her training.


Cory is 20 years old, 5' 10' with a slender build, dark curly hair and blue eyes. Grey Leopard has no paranormal powers, but the costume (a suit of sleek grey fur) is equipped with razor-sharp retractable claws and a prehensile tail. Cory is a suburb athlete and trained in martial arts, acrobatics and gymnastics.

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