Night Owl

Current Author: Louise Freeman


Real Name: Dr. Liberty Richards

A brilliant though under-appreciated scientist, Dr. Richards is an Assistant Associate professor of Neuroscience at Dillweed City College of Liberal and Conservative Arts. She holds a Masters in Psychology and a Doctorate from Berkeley as well as a medical degree from AlgernontopoliS University. As a student, she was once held hostage by animal rights extremists who attacked the research center in AlgernontopoliS and was rescued by Grey Leopard and Bobcat. Liberty hoped that would be her first and last encounter with the superguy world, but fate had other plans. Eventually, a promising young student named Cory Statewood became her research assitant, One evening, as she was working late in her laboratory, Grey Leopard burst into her lab carrying an unconcious Mary Agnes, seeking to learn the reason behind the child's mysterious seizures. Liberty was able to assist them, and subsequently learned Tony and Cory's identities, and became Night Owl, scientific and medical advisor to the Guardians of Rectitude.


Liberty Richards is in her 30's, stands 5'6" and does not discuss her weight. She is not especially atheletic and prefers to stay behind the scenes, though circumstances occasionally force her to participate in information gathering missions or public medical rescues. At though times, she dons a teal and purple sweatsuit and wears a floral print scarf for a mask.

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