Donnerjack: Unsolid Days

part of the Blood and Numbers sequence
by Tony Pi,
Ambercon North 2000, September 30th, Slot #5 - 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Shared World, 3-5 players
Aions (AI gods of Virtù) created on-site; 100 point Genesis Scramble (Auction). Bring printouts of three different webpages (no more than 2-3 printed pages each) for your aion's core persona. Or, choose from GM-selected webpages.

In these unsolid days of the Great Flux, a lessermost god like yourself must seize any and all opportunities to survive the godwar, even if it means strange alliances and acts of betrayal. Fortuity, the daughter of Warga and Agrima, has been abducted. Warga threatens to rip apart all Virtù to find her; Agrima's grief brings blight and famine to every locus. Tragic, yes - but how can you turn this situation to your own advantage? A milieu based on Zelazny and Lindskold's 'Donnerjack' novel, using a modified ADRPG system. Players create aions who fight to shape the virtual realms of Virtù and ascend to godhood. No experience necessary. A sneak peek at the game mechanics is available below.

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