Donnerjack: Blood and Numbers

by Tony Pi,

Blood and Numbers is a new e-mail campaign based on the Donnerjack novel by Zelazny and Lindskold. Players take the role of aions (AI gods) who seek to shape the newborn realms of Virtù to their own ends. 100 point Genesis Scramble. Characters created may be used in any future Donnerjack games in the Blood and Numbers sequence that I may run at Ambercon US or Ambercon North.

The ideal player is familiar with Amber DRPG, e-mail campaigns, and has read or is willing to read Donnerjack. He or she is able to post moves every 2-3 days if necessary, but is willing to adapt to the GM's variable (and possibly hectic) schedule. He or she is interested in playtesting a new diceless system, and willingness to do contributions is a plus.

Interested players should first e-mail me ASAP at to indicate their interest. It may help to read the information on my Donnerjack page ( Please give me a sense of your style of play, optimally addressing each point mentioned above. Include some initial character concepts with your proposal, if you wish. Also mention any Ambercons you have attended or may attend, GMing history (if any) and if/when you have gamed with me before. Last call for players is August 22nd.

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Last modified August 10th, 2000