Obsolete Software

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Any given program, when running, is obsolete.

Hinds's 1st Law of Computer Programming

These are packages that I no longer maintain and that are probably not of interest to most people. In some cases (such as Kerberos v4 packages) the software is obsolete; in others, it's just for things I no longer use. Barring exceptional circumstances, there will not be any further releases of these packages, but they are still available for historical reference and in case someone else wants to pick them up.

As with my regular software, all of this software is free software / open source. However, I don't plan on making any further releases, even to fix bugs. If you want to adopt any of it, please feel free. You don't have to let me know, but if you're willing, I'd like to be aware so that I can add a link to the software's new home.

Also see orphaned software, which I have similarly stopped maintaining but which is more likely to still be useful.

Information Management

Tasker Simple CGI-based to-do list manager with priorities


kftgt Ticket forwarding server and client for Kerberos v4
runauth Run a command with Kerberos and AFS credentials
S/Ident Kerberos callback authentication via ident


Majordomo w/qmail Tools for integrating Majordomo and qmail

Systems Administration

bundle Make needed changes to a system idempotently
multilog-watch Analyze multilog logs and report on anomalies
tai64nfrac Convert multilog timestamps to fractional seconds
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