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It is a simple task to make things complex, but a complex task to make them simple.

Meyer's Law

All of this software is free software / open source, and I welcome patches and improvements that are generally useful. I'm happy to include generally useful improvements into the version that I distribute, even if I don't use the feature personally. If you have some need that you wish one of these packages would handle but don't know how to implement it, please feel free to send me e-mail; I might be able to give you some hints or find the time to implement it (although I can't promise anything).

I'm in the process of migrating all software I maintain except for scripts to Git. The Git repositories for packages that have been migrated are available from

There is an RSS feed where new releases of these software packages are announced. Those announcements are also posted to my journal, which also offers a general RSS feed if you're interested in more than software release announcements. For following development in detail, provides RSS feeds per project repository that list every committed change.

I maintain Debian packages for much of the software here, as well as other packages I'm interested in. Some of those packages are in Debian proper; others are only available from my personal repository. See my Debian package page for more information.

There may be additional software and patches available from my archive site that I've not yet had a chance to write a web page for. I'm still in the process of adding to this page all of the various software that I've written, maintained, or contributed to.


krb5-strength Kerberos kadmind strength checking plugin
kstart Daemon version of Kerberos kinit with other features
pam-krb5 Kerberos PAM module
remctl Run specific commands remotely with Kerberos and ACLs
wallet Secure credential management system

Information Management

reminder Remind of possibly periodic tasks via e-mail


mdfrm Summarize the content of a maildir like frm

Perl Modules

PGP::Sign Generate and/or verify detached PGP signatures
podlators Pod::Man and Pod::Text POD formatting modules
Term::ANSIColor Easy interface for ANSI color escape sequences
Tie::ShadowHash Overlay multiple hashes to form a single logical hash

Software Development

C TAP Harness C harness for running TAP-compliant tests
cvslog Featureful e-mail commit notification from CVS
rra-c-util Russ Allbery's utility libraries for C
svnlog Featureful e-mail commit notification from Subversion


control-archive Netnews control message processing and archiving
INN Full-featured, flexible and configurable news server
News::Gateway General toolkit for mail gatewaying and moderation
postfaq Post FAQs and periodic postings with superseding


DocKnot Package documentation generator
Pod::Thread Format POD source into thread, an HTML macro language
Web tools Web page generation from a macro language and other sources

Other Links


Some smaller scripts that don't warrant their own set of pages. Some larger or more generally useful scripts get their own pages above; these are scripts with a narrower or specialized purpose, or scripts that are most commonly found inside another package.

Orphaned Software

Packages that I no longer maintain, but which may still be useful. If you use any of this software and are interested in maintaining it, please consider adopting it. Barring exceptional circumstances, such as security vulnerabilities, I will not be making any further releases of these packages.

Obsolete Software

Packages that I no longer maintain and that are probably not of interest to most people. In some cases (such as Kerberos v4 packages) the software is obsolete; in others, it's just for things I no longer use. Barring exceptional circumstances, there will not be any further releases of these packages, but they are still available for historical reference and in case someone else wants to pick them up.


Patches to some packages that I don't maintain which may be of interest to others. Things will come and go from this page as the patches are incorporated into the upstream software. Patches may also be obsolete, if upstream has changed without incorporating my changes. The files here aren't checked or updated very often and are provided just in case they're of interest; you will probably have to do some work to use them.

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