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Even if you aren't in doubt, consider the mental welfare of the person who has to maintain the code after you, and who will probably put parens in the wrong place.

Larry Wall, perlstyle(1)

I used to maintain the following packages, but my interests and needs changed and I am no longer maintaining them. Barring exceptional circumstances, I will not make any further releases of these packages. but they are still available for historical reference and in case someone else wants to pick them up.

Unlike the obsolete software, I believe these packages are still useful and am happy to see anyone who is interested adopt them. If you want to take over maintenance of any of these packages, please feel free. You don't have to let me know, but if you're willing, I'd like to be aware so that I can add a link to the software's new home. I'm happy to redirect these pages to yours if you would like, and once you've made a new release.


afs-admin-tools Utilities for AFS management
afs-backend Delegated administration of certain volumes
afs-monitor Nagios-compatible probes to monitor AFS
AFS::PAG Perl bindings for AFS PAG manipulation
Balancing Balance volumes, usage, and accesses among servers
Mount points Maintain a database of volume mount points
pam-afs-session AFS PAG and token PAM session module
Reporting DB Load AFS metadata into a SQL database for reporting


kadmin-remctl kadmin remctl backend and password reset client
krb5-sync Kerberos kadmind account synchronization plugin
pam-webauth-otp OTP PAM module for WebAuth user information service
WebAuth Kerberos web authentication system for Apache

Perl Modules

Net::Duo API for Duo multifactor authentication service

Systems Administration

filter-syslog Analyze syslog log files and report on anomalies
lbcd Return system information over UDP for load balancing
newsyslog Log rotation with analysis and filtering hooks
tracker Lightweight software usage tracking system
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