Software Patches

This is a collection of patches to software packages that I don't personally maintain. I use this page primarily for making available patches to Debian packages that I maintain to the upstream maintainer, or for storing random patches for packages that I've had to get to compile for some reason and where the upstream maintainer hasn't taken the patch back.

Generally, I will remove patches from this page once they've been accepted into an upstream release.

When the patch wasn't written by me, I try to note the author, but I may have missed a few.


While working on the indexing capabilities of debarchiver, I wrote and submitted the following two patches to apt-ftparchive. So far, neither have been applied.

Generate Release files

The most useful of the two patches, this patch adds the ability to generate Release files as part of apt-ftparchive generate. Currently, one has to separately run apt-ftparchive release to do this, which is a bit less convenient and which doesn't take per-tree configuration. Debian bug #262204

Merge arch: all packages into Packages

This patch is only useful for pre-pool archive layouts where there's a separate binary-all tree that holds Architecture: all packages. Right now, one can't use apt-ftparchive directly on such a tree and get correct Packages files, since the binary-all tree will get its own separate Packages file and those packages won't be listed in the Packages file for the other architectures. This patch adds a configuration option that merges the Architecture: all packages into the other Packages files. Apparently the supported way to do this is to run one's own find and generate a FileList file for apt-ftparchive, so it's not clear if this patch will be accepted. Debian bug #264952


Change mailing list owner address

Make Majordomo use listname-owner instead of owner-listname as the sender address for mailing list traffic. This lets Majordomo play much more nicely with qmail's tagged address feature.

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