The time is out of joint: O cursed spite,
That ever I was born to set it right!

William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act I, Scene V, line 189


This package is not maintained. It should continue to work without trouble, but I no longer use it since I no longer use qmail (and therefore qmailanalog or multilog). If anyone else would like to pick up development, you're welcome to do so.


The TAI64N format is a format for time stamps in log files, invented by Dan Bernstein and used by some of his software, most notably the multilog component of daemontools. That package comes with a program (tai64nlocal) to convert those time stamps to a human-readable date.

Unfortunately, qmailanalog, a log analysis package for the qmail MTA, can only handle log timestamps in the form of a decimal number of seconds since epoch. So I wrote this program to convert from TAI64N timestamps to that format.

Unless you're using qmailanalog, this probably isn't all that interesting. It's possible that it may already be obsolete; I haven't checked qmail and qmailanalog in quite some time. I no longer use qmailanalog and therefore have no plans to make further changes to this program.


tai64nfrac is written in C, so you will need a C compiler to compile it. For right now, that compiler has to support the long long data type (gcc and most other current compilers do so).


The distribution:

tai64nfrac 1.4 2003-03-10 Download PGP signature

An archive of older releases is also available.

tai64nfrac is maintained using the Git version control system. To check out the current development tree, clone:


You can also browse the current development source.



This program is in the public domain. If it is not legal or possible to place a work in the public domain in your jurisdiction, then I hereby grant you a license to treat this program in every way as if it were in the public domain.

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