tai64nfrac version 1.4

(convert TAI64N dates to decimal seconds since epoch)
Written by Russ Allbery <rra@stanford.edu>

This program is in the public domain. If it is not legal or possible to place a work in the public domain in your jurisdiction, then I hereby grant you a license to treat this program in every way as if it were in the public domain.


This package contains a single program, tai64nfrac, which given data with TAI64N timestamps as input (such as data generated by multilog), will convert those times to seconds since epoch (with a fractional part) and otherwise output the same data.

This is primarily intended to support using qmailanalog to analyze qmail logs that are being written by multilog rather than to syslog via splogger. The program is extremely simple.


Just run make to compile the software. It should compile without modification on any Unix or Unix varient, and likely on most systems that support ANSI C. The result will be a binary named tai64nfrac.

You can copy this binary to wherever is convenient, or type make install to install it and its man page. By default, the binary is installed into /usr/local/bin and the man page into /usr/local/man/man1; you can change the install location with a command like:

    make install prefix=/opt/sw

or you can also set bindir or man1dir directly (or edit the Makefile to change them if you want).

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