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This package is obsolete. I no longer use qmail or Majordomo, and Majordomo 1.x is rather thoroughly obsolete. The scripts are available here in case anyone finds them useful for anything else, but there will be no subsequent releases. If you want to pick up development of them, you're welcome to.


From around 1994 to early 2003, I maintained a few mailing lists using old, ugly, outdated Majordomo 1.x. It's really not a very good mailing list manager any more, but it was already set up, it had been working reliably for years, and after one abortive experiment with Majordomo 2.x, I hadn't felt like trying to update to a current mailing list manager.

I used qmail, however, which isn't an MTA that Majordomo knows how to deal with out of the box, so some time back I wrote a FAQ on how to get Majordomo to play nicely with qmail and a few supporting programs to make that easier. On this page are the supporting programs.

mjdispatch accepts incoming mail intended for one of the mailing lists or one of the addresses associated with a list, like listname-request, and routes it appropriately. I use it to avoid having to create dozens of .qmail files.

mjinject serves as the outgoing mailer for Majordomo, can optionally do VERP, and speaks to qmail-queue directly for speed. It may also be useful in its own right as a cheap and dirty way to get qmail to send to a list of addresses (although normally one can just put the addresses into a .qmail file).

Finally, there is also a patch to make Majordomo use listname-owner instead of owner-listname as the sender address for mailing list traffic. This lets Majordomo play much more nicely with qmail's tagged address feature.

I don't recommend using the following software with Majordomo to set up a brand new mailing list manager. If you're starting from scratch, look at using ezmlm-idx or Mailman instead. But if you're already running Majordomo and want to install qmail, this may help. For detailed information on how to get started, see the aforementioned Majordomo with qmail FAQ.

I've since switched to Mailman, and therefore no longer use the tools on this page. They are frozen; there will be no subsequent releases.


mjdispatch requires Perl 5.001 or later. mjinject requires Perl 5.004 or later. Both programs are written to work with qmail and Majordomo, obviously, and mjdispatch requires qmail 1.03 or newer since it uses the DEFAULT environment variable.


The programs:

mjdispatch 1.0 2002-06-29 Download
mjinject 1.1 2002-06-29 Download

The patch:

*-owner patch 1998-05-12 Download



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