Jackson Six

Author: Roger Christman

Email: christma@cse.psu.edu

"Just calling to find out how the series went while I was gone," he said. "Find enough material to go with?"
"Oh, yes!" I replied. "In fact, I'm really having a hard time keeping up with it all!"
"Really? In West Reno?"
"Oh, yeah! Like the murder thing is really great. I'm amazed at how much stuff comes out of that one event!"
"Murder thing?"
"Yeah, you know. The scene where you got shot."
"What? Nobody's supposed to say anything about that."
"Oh, no, no, no. I don't mean *your* murder. I mean the other guy's -- Harry, I think his name was."
"Harry who?"

After ten years of anonymity, retired black-ops operative Richard Jackson is once again called to defend the American Way against the insidious threat of Communism. Although the Cold War is all but over, this threat is very real, and Jackson once again seeks to eliminate the threat and its instigator.

It's a very simple story, really. The mission is clear; the lines between good and evil are well-defined; one only wonders how the hero will defeat the bad guy before the bad guy kills him. A very simple story, really.

Or it would have been, if the Author hadn't overreacted to a bit of commentary that appeared in a review of his work. After rashly writing while "under the influence," the Author began to lose control of his story. Nothing has been the same since.

Series Commenced: July 1995

Main Characters:

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