Phoc Dhat

Current author: Roger Christman


Birth: 193?
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 lbs
Known powers: None.

Although his face is showing a few wrinkles, he has aged well. He usually wears a black or grey business suit, looking very much like any other successful Asian-American businessman.


A former North Vietnamese winemaker, Phoc Dhat has harbored deep-seated resentment towards the United States ever since the Vietnam War. His first commercial enterprise, manufacturing sake, was all but destroyed by the ravages of the war. In an attempt to recoup his losses, he next went into a lucrative career manufacturing narcotics in southeast Asia, but this was also squelched by a black ops task force, at a time considerably before America's public War on Drugs.

After several years of preparation, Phoc Dhat finally prepared his master stroke, combining his expertise as vintner, chemist, and businessman: the Nipponapa Wine Company. The new enterprise grew quickly, and would have dominated the liquor industry, if it were not nipped in the bud by Richard Jackson.

Angered by this turn-around, Phoc is now devoting much of his energy towards identifying and/or eliminating the man who seems to stand in his way.

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