Richard Jackson

Current Author: Roger Christman


Code Name:Jackson Six
Birth: 17 July 1946
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 205 lbs
Origin: Jackson Six #1

Jackson Six is a bit paunchy and out-of-shape, and feels more than a little guilty about his beer belly. He has no costume, per se, but he may still wear his Army jacket for camouflage. Nothing else he used to wear fits any more.

Known Powers

Richard Jackson has most frequently been employed as a radio on feet. After his extraction from the cockpit of a crashed helicopter, he has exhibited several abilities, among them that of transmitting and receiving radio signals. On other occasions, he has used other random talents, such as a built-in compass, altimeter, and infrared targetting.

The nickname Jackson Six dates from the first manifestation of his powers, when he unwittingly mixed his voice with a popular Motown group on public radio. More recently, however, the same name also made for a very handy radio call sign.


Richard Jackson was born on the leading edge of the baby boom, and grew up in a patriotic household. It therefore came as no surprise that he voluntarily enlisted at the very beginning of the Vietnam War, where he served as a helicopter pilot. His tour of duty, however, came to an abrupt end when his helicopter crashed.

After the discovery of his new powers, he was assigned to a special task force whose mission was to contain Communist expansion around the globe. The very intermittent nature of his new secret career placed considerable stress on his domestic life, leaving him a very lonely man at home. Depending on who you ask, this loneliness may or may not have been eased by Mary's upbringing.

Richard's covert career continued through much of the 1970's and partly into the 80's, until its dissolution under the Reagan administration. He then lived a rather sedentary life, occasionally using his radio talents to assist the local police, and it was in this capacity that he slowly became reacquainted with an old foe he never actually met face to face: Phoc Dhat.

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