Mary Jackson

Current Author: Roger Christman


Code Name:Handmedown
Birth: 11 November 1978
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 lbs


Mary is an attractive girl with short jet black hair and blue eyes, which seem to sparkle when she is happy. She nearly always carries a purse, and also has an extreme bubblegum habit.

In her brief appearance as a public hero (in the Caverns of Gratuitous Death), Mary sported a costume that greatly resembled a cabaret outfit: short black leather shorts and matching vest over a white short-sleeve blouse. She also wears black dance shoes and a bowler. A belt-pouch (for storing other accoutrements) completes the ensemble.

Known Powers

Mary has the ability to "inherit" the powers of other superguys by donning something that belongs to them. To date, this power has only been seen to apply to Ichii's bowler, and Richard's army cap. Although she met several superguys at the Super Seven auditions in Japan, the only additional item she brought back was a yo-yo.


Mary was born to an unwed mother who gave her up for adoption. Less then a month later, she was taken in by Richard Jackson, who raised her and doted on her. Author's Note: This is all revealed in Jackson Six #25, to Richard, as well as the readers.

Sometime while in high school, Mary started going out with Ichii, despite the fact that he and Richard dislike each other. How such a relationship ever started has not yet been explained.

Mary's hero career has been brief indeed. Her only public appearance was at the auditions for Super Seven in Japan, After an emotional shock, she gave up heroing, and now lives a normal life as an undergraduate student at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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