Current Author: Roger Christman

Email: christma@cse.psu.edu

Real Name:Carlos ??
Birth: 1977
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150 lbs


Ichii is a well-built Hispanic youth with curly black hair and steel grey eyes. He wears loose-fitting clothes during the warm season and sweatshirts during the cold. He also often wears a leather jacket and spiked gloves. There is nothing noteworthy about his clothing, aside from the bowler cap he once wore, but later gave to his girlfriend, Mary.

Known Powers

Ichii has unusual senses of sight and hearing, but still within the bounds of the 'normal' spectra -- no X-ray vision, or stuff like that. Ambient phenomena that normally should distort or attenuate sensory inputs to not do so for him, with the result that he can see or hear things at larger range, and can ignore blurring due to fog, rain, or heat. He also can see very well in the dark, so long as *some* light is present to see with.

Ichii's heightened perception also gives him a better intuition with regards to the people he meets. His first impression is almost never wrong. For example, he can 'smell' a cop just by looking at one.


Very little is known of Ichii's background, save that he has been living on the streets for several years, often associated with the neighborhood street gangs. In recent times, however, his talents have led him to operate alone, independent of, yet not in competition with, the hoodlums around him. Also, in recent years, he began hanging out with a girl he met in high school, namely Mary.

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