Created by: Jesse Taylor

Current author: Jesse Taylor

Email: sw@eyrie.org

Real name: Alicia Devran

Status: Active, member of Force Ten

Series: Burnout has appeared in Blorg Trek (as Captain Devran), in the Super Losers series, and the Force Ten series.

History: Devran was the commanding officer of a ship called the Blorg Star, in her never-ending conflict with Admiral Morgan. She sacrificed her ship, and, apparently, herself to stop a missile strike by the space station Grey October. She lost her memory, gained some powers, and joined the Super Losers, staying with them when they changed their name to Force Ten.

Known powers: Burnout had the ability to create and control fire, generally manifesting this ability as fireballs or streams of fire emanating from her hands. She also had immunity to all forms of fire-based attacks, including plasma weapons. Lastly, she manifested a limited ability to fly.

Description: Burnout is slightly taller than average, with brown hair. She typically wears a black-and-red skintight bodysuit, sometimes adding a coat when it gets cold.

Major Appearances:

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