Admiral Morgan

Created by: Jesse Taylor

Current author: Jesse Taylor


Real name: Kassandra Morgan

Nickname: Morgan-chan

Status: Active, solo

History: Morgan was a very, very evil person. She was so evil, she was actually appointed Second Most Totally Evil Woman in the Universe, just under Dana Wader. She has been scheming to take over the universe since the summer of 1992, and shows, as yet, no signs of ever giving up. During a battle with Ultima's henchmen, she was hit by Anime Freak's youth-ray gun, and is now, physically, around 15 or 16 years old. Shortly after getting youthified, she was hit with a random spacefold, which tossed her out into space, ending her up at a random spaceport in the middle of nowhere. She now works at McDoggie's, scheming some way to regain her lost age and respect...

Description: Morgan-chan is physically 16 years old, with bright red hair. She is beautiful, although her now-teenaged body is beginning to develop a slight acne problem.

Major Appearances:

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