Space Station Grey October

Created by: Jesse Taylor

Current author: Jesse Taylor


History: The Grey October was a Russian battle-station that got lost in paperwork. It was the site of a battle between Admiral Morgan and her henchmen, Anime Freak and his henchmen, and the Blorg Star's crew, aided by the Foolhardy Four. The aftermath of the battle left the station derelict, but Morgan repaired it and used it as a base for her space forces. Said forces were destroyed, but the station survived. It is currently commanded by Tris, Morgan's former head techie, and is officially property of Force Ten.

Description: The Grey October's features include: a Gap outlet, an onboard microbrewery, enough rooms to house a regiment of troops, as well as R&R facilities, communications and weapons arrays, and a spacedock capable of constructing modest-sized vessels from pre-existing parts.

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