Posts from 2006

  1. January
    1. Argh
    2. So it’s been a decade
    3. Smarter people more comfortable with risk?
  2. April
    1. Thirty years of Apple computers
    2. Unexpected keyboard layout prevents password entry
    3. Why I use a custom keyboard layout
    4. My Tivo keeps crashing
    5. Deciphering The Order of the Stick
  3. June
    1. Some things you only see on the second time through
    2. In brief: Fun and not fun
    3. More fun
    4. Photo: A small bird bathing in my sink.
  4. July
    1. Presidential Quiz
    2. Hit by downsizing again
    3. Ten years of Starcruiser Anonymous
  5. September
    1. I’ll be voting for a coward or a torturer this November
  6. December
    1. Merry Christmas
    2. Dave’s Colbert Report Report
    3. Back to the byte mines
    4. Deciphering Order of the Stick #393
    5. Webcomic recommendations: Galaxion and Dresden Codak