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Posts from April, 2006

  1. Thirty years of Apple computers

    Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the founding of Apple Computer. Herein are my own insignificant thoughts on the matter (2006-04-02)

  2. Unexpected keyboard layout prevents password entry

    Why I suddenly wasn’t able to enter my password, and what I did to resolve it. (2006-04-03)

  3. Why I use a custom keyboard layout

    Now I can type α Centauri straight from the keyboard. (2006-04-03)

  4. My Tivo keeps crashing

    Digital video recorders are great! Until they suddenly start rebooting every ten minutes for no apparent reason. (2006-04-25)

  5. Deciphering The Order of the Stick

    Rich Burlew’s Order of the Stick has a character who currently speaks in scrambled text. Here is how I managed to decipher it. (2006-04-29)