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Posts from December, 2006

  1. Merry Christmas

    Holiday Greetings from ZedneWeb. (2006-12-25)

  2. Dave’s Colbert Report Report

    Last Wednesday, my family and I attended a taping of Stephen Colbert’s Colbert Report—the epic conclusion of the Colbert/Decemberists green-screen guitarmageddon. (2006-12-25)

  3. Back to the byte mines

    Have I mentioned that I’m working again? No? Well, I am (2006-12-25)

  4. Deciphering Order of the Stick #393

    My translation of Haley’s dialogue in this pivotal page of Rich Burlew’s Order of the Stick. (2006-12-26)

  5. Webcomic recommendations: Galaxion and Dresden Codak

    The world of webcomics is far too vast for any one person to survey. Included are two which I’ve come across in recent months and recommend. (2006-12-26)