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So it’s been a decade

By Dave Menendez
Sunday, January 22, 2006, at 10:48 PM
Filed under: ZedneWeb

Summary: This year marks the tenth anniversary of ZedneWeb. Yeah, I’m surprised, too.

As I wrote five years ago, I don’t have any records indicating exactly when ZedneWeb first appeared on the Internet, but my archive of the first prototype of the site states that it was last updated on January 22, 1996. Thus, ZedneWeb is (at least) ten years old today. Since then, it’s moved twice, and the “what’s new” section of the site has grown into a form of weblog—a trend I noted when I first learned of the term—eventually resulting in a series of increasingly complex scripts to manage everything.

You kids today, with your Bloggers and your Movable Types. Bah.

(“Blog”, incidentally, is a word I first saw in marketing material for Blogger, which proposed it as a contraction for “weblog”. That, along with its ugly sound, have led me to embrace it with less enthusiasm than others.)

I suppose it’s natural to wonder whether ZedneWeb will still be around in another ten years. I don’t have any intention of stopping (even if I did slow down a lot last year), but ten years can be a long time. The Web itself was introduced a mere fifteen years ago, and while its architecture—HTML over HTTP—has been pretty stable, there’s no guarantee that something else won’t sweep it away. How many organizations still maintain Archie or Gopher services these days?

(Must resist urge to make ZedneWeb available through Gopher….)

And yet, parts of the net can have surprising longevity. Bitnet is long dead, but Superguy and SFStory are still around (if not exactly thriving). (In fact, next year will be SFStory’s twentieth anniversary. Yeek.)

So if any of you are reading this in a distant future, where life has changed in ways I cannot imagine, let me say this: Hi.

(I knew I shouldn’t have waited until the last minute to start writing this.)