Team Cynical vs. the Awesome Force

Authors: Bill Dickson and Dominic White

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"Okay," said High Jinx. "Here goes." He pulled his respirator over his face and stood, his long brown outback coat shifting slightly in the light breeze. On the other side of the green and brown field, he saw Andy. They started toward each other at the same instant, walking toward the center of the field.

Smartman was waiting for them, his expression serious, his lips pursed. High Jinx stopped to his right, looking up into Andy's face.

Andy himself looked awesome, as might be expected. His muscles rippled as he placed his hands on his hips and peered awesomely through his glasses at his foe and former teammate. His white lab coat shone in the sun, causing High Jinx's respirator goggles to dampen the light.

"I wish to tell you both," said Smartman gravely, "that you are not obligated to enter this contest. I make the final offer now: either of you may now back down, and incur no dishonor or loss of standing in the eyes of your fellow heroes."

He waited for a moment, with little hope of an answer, then turned to Andy. "You intend to go through with this?" he asked.

"I do," stated Andy, awesome in his calmness.

"And you and your teammates, as well?" Smartman asked High Jinx.

His heart pounded on the inside and his knees felt like jelly, but High Jinx stood his ground solidly and nodded. "Yes," he said.

"Very well, then," said Smartman, throwing his black umpire padding over his head and beginning to tie it on. "Let's play some softball!"

Episodes: 4 (September - October 1993)

Major Characters:

After the Awesome Force battled armies, the elements, poachers, and fate to protect the rarest and most unique of all birds, the Fortuitous Veiled Periapt, for weeks and thousands of miles, they were understandably irate when the bird was killed by a softball hit by Ramrod. When the softball proceeded to destroy all the data, work, and art the Awesome Force had been working on as they studied the bird, it was still understandable when they became downright furious. And when they angrily challenged Team Cynical to meet them on the field of honor, Team Cynical was understandably nervous.

After all, even softball can get a bit rough sometimes.

In a four-part series that challenges the endurance of the characters, the authors, and the readers, the two teams meet for a Softball Game of the Titans in Discovery Park in Seattle, pitching skill against paranormal skill in the pitching, hitting, and fielding departments. It's events like this that make you not mind baseball strikes so much after all.

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