Captain Henry Spit

Created by: Bill Dickson

Current author: Bill Dickson


Golden Grunion Awards:

Captain Henry Spit of the Pirate Ferry Spokane is the quintessential buccaneer. A tall, powerful man with broad shoulders, a handsome, weather-worn face, flashing teeth, a square jaw, and hands that can hoist th' mains'l an' blow th' man down faster'n a siren c'n flip her lovely tail, d'ye see, he's the devil-may-care scourge o' the traffic lanes o' Puget Sound.

He handles a cutlass like a demon, and can swing from the rigging and clamber o'er th' side of a Spanish galleon wi' great stealth, ne'er disturbin' a feather on th' coat o' his prized parrot, Polly. With his roguish good looks and dangerous sense of adventure, it's a rare woman who can resist his charms.

He'd be an equal at a pirate table o' the greats, sharing bread wi' Captain Blood, drinking sack wi' Blackbeard, flirting and arm wrestling wi' Anne Bonney, trading friendly blows wi' Calico Jack, and (with the others) tearing the smug and obnoxious Burt Lancaster (as the Crimson Pirate) limb from limb on general principle.

With his crew of rollicking seafarers, Captain Spit now runs the Spokane, a Jumbo-class ferry on the Seattle-Bremerton run across Puget Sound. It seems a tame life for such an adventurous soul, but when the Captain sets his mind on excitement, he need not sail far to find it.

Major Appearances:

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