Created by: Jesse Taylor

Current author: Jesse Taylor


Real name: Unknown

Status: Active, solo

History: Grounder is (was) one of Admiral Morgan's henchmen. He was given powers during an experiment conducted by Dr. Shroom. He's been following Morgan's orders for the better part of 2 years, but now that she's dissappeared, he's rather at a loss about what to do.

Known powers: Grounder has the power to drain energy from power discharges (ie: energy blasts) and from devices. He can also (to some extent) drain power from persons using purely energy-manipulative powers (he was able to drain some of the energy that Spectrum gated in during the Springfield Crossover). His body, normally rather frail, gets larger and more muscular the more energy he drains, however, he loses this enhanced ability almost instantly, and, in addition, there is a maximum amount of energy that he can drain. Given something to shunt the additional energy into (say, for example, if he were to wear some tires or something), he can drain additional energy.

Description: Grounder is of average height and skinny, with brown hair and eyes. He speaks with a British accent, which gets quite thick when he is agitated. He typically wears a baggy uniform and/or a large trenchcoat, to make him look more imposing.

Major Appearances:

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