Sir Gerbre

Created by: Jesse Taylor

Current author: Jesse Taylor


Real name: Sir Gerbre of Llermre

Status: Active, head of TONN

History: Gerbre was once a Paladin helping out ShadowyWriter find somewhere to put Evan's body (long story). He was later recruited by Morgan:2 and the Anti-Elvis, and eventually fell in with Anime Freak. Anime Freak used a portion of SW's Authorial Powers to up Gerbre's AD&D stats to the max (18/00 for you RPG dudes out there). He also gave Gerbre a large number of magical items, most of which got vaped by Z'ko. Gerbre became C.E.O. and head newscaster for TONN, sheerly on the force of his super-high charisma. His plan for world domination was crushed by Ultima, and he now has to do Hanes commercials to try and pay off his debts.

Known powers: Gerbre is the epitome of physical and mental well-being. He is no "superhero", but he would be a match for any normal human in any type of competition, sheerly on raw physical ability. Being a former Paladin, he wasn't really trained to use his head excessively, but he is beginning to make use of his superhigh intelligence. Sort of. For some unexplainable reason, almost _nobody_ is able to get his name right.

Description: Gerbre is slightly taller than average, and built like an extremely large, manly person. His hair is light brown and somewhat unkempt, and he generally wears either a large buisness suit, or a large TONNGuard uniform. He also has a suit of titanium hyperalloy armor, which looks rather nifty in battle, but kind of silly for just wearing on a regular basis.

Major Appearances:

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