Created by: Greg Fishbone

First appearance: Super Seven #15/"Terranian Royal Wedding Album"

Current author: Greg Fishbone

Email: fishbone@user1.channel1.com

Last updated: 7/31/95

Real name: Unknown

Status: Active, solo.

Description: Thirtyish, short, and perpetually intoxicated. Has black hair. Can pass for Mr. Galacywicz or a member of the Kim family reunion. Dresses in drag on "Ladies' Night" whenever there's a special on Bud Lite.

Known powers: Bud-Lite-Man has the ability to locate and consume large quantities of Bud Lite. This made him a power to be reckoned with in his home altiverse of 727BUDLITE, but somewhat less impressive in 000SUPERGUY. Nonetheless, Bud-Lite-Man is capable of absorbing a great deal of power from a certain low-calorie alcoholic beverage, which he can then use to alter transdimensional structures. Currently, all of this power is focused on blocking portals between 409COUCHPOTATO and 000SUPERGUY.

Major appearances: The Super Seven regular series and "Terranian Royal Wedding Album" crossover.

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