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Hello, and Welcome to ZedneWeb. I'm sure you have many questions, one of which may be "What the heck does 'ZedneWeb' mean, anyway?" Or, "Why aren't there any cool colors or backgrounds or annoying blinking text that Netscape created as part of some deal with the forces of Darkness?"

All these questions and more will be answered, on this week's episode of... wait, I'm thinking of something else. Oh well, on with questions and answers. Those of you who have been here before (and, for some reason, came back) may wish to skip to the departments.

NOTE: Officially, ZedneWeb is not yet open to the public. While the site currently has the general shape I envision for it, the content is somewhat... sparse. Don't be discouraged by what you do or don't see, chances are it may change soon. I had planned to keep this thing under wraps until I was ready, but it's not looking like that'll be any time soon. <sigh>

SUB-NOTE: I'd also like to say that typing &lt; to get < is a pain. Thank you.

Questions And Answers

I do not guarantee the usefulness of this information.

What does 'ZedneWeb' mean? Oh sure, give me a tricky question first. 'ZedneWeb' is a combination of 'Zednenem' and the Web, another abbreviation for the World Wide Web (or WWW, an acronym that's actually harder to say than the phrase it replaces). This leads us to our next question:

Who is Zednenem? I have two answers. The "real" Zednenem is a character in the myths of the Gortoramans. There is a brief description of the arguments over the Vague and Mysterious Origin of Zednenem avaliable elsewhere. As I was reading through the various texts on Gortoraman myths, I grew to like Zednenem, so I used his identity as my alter ego, representing my nastier side (kind of like Scott Adams and Dogbert). Some have since suggested that Zednenem is merely Menendez spelled backwards. I'm sure a quick perusal of the Gortoraman myths will show them the error of that line of thinking.

So what sort of things can I expect to find here? Check out the departments below. (No, I'm not including a link. Deal with it.)

So just who are you? Ah, the good stuff at last. I'm hoping to put information about me (Dave Menendez, if you don't know) on its own page sometime, but until then here's some stuff:

I'm currently a freshman at Penn State, looking to go into computer science. I'm also part of the honors program here, the University Scholars. It's pretty difficult to get into (they let in 220 people a year, this year there were 1300 applicants) so I'm quite pleased to be here (I'll also be pleased if I can stay here, the minimum GPA for continued membership is steep). In my spare time, I amuse myself with reading, writing, video games, occasional television, and other stuff I can't think of right now. See the first four departments for more information.

Why aren't there any pictures or backgrounds or stuff? There are. Some, anyway. It's likely to change soon, as well. Mostly, I don't have any because they wouldn't add anything to the content, such as it is.

What's New

In all honesty, everything is new since this is a pre-release version of ZedneWeb.

March 10
Fixed a few things. Nothing spectacular. Now, having returned from "spring" break, I hope to whip this into shape.
February 29
Added Fools!, The Origin of Zednenem, the disclaimer page, and this page.
February 17
Finished work on The Origin of Zednenem.
February 15
Finally got the inline image to work, fixed some spelling errors.
February 12
Changed the layout of this page.
February 11
Added The (Strange) Humor Script and The Origin of Zednenem.


ZedneWeb consists of these major sections:

Note: This is the major shape of things, but the links themselves may change what they refer to. Also: the content of the first four links is very sparse. This will change sometime, I promise! Really!

Mac Stuff
Information on stuff pertaining to my favorite computer/operating system.
Information relating to TV shows I enjoy.
Written Works
Information relating to books and other written works I read.
Misc. Stuff
Information about things that just don't fit into the above catagories.
Information... sorry, no information here. This is stuff I've written.
The Origin of Zednenem
A discussion of the origins of the Gortoraman character Zednenem.
Legal Information
Copyright information, disclaimers and such.

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