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I read a lot. Less now than before college, but that's life, I suppose. One possible reason for my drop in reading is that I'm in the middle of an excellent series of books known as The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan. The catch is that the next book hasn't been released yet, and won't be out until June (assuming nothing wierd happens over at Tor in the near future). The series, usually abbreviated WoT, attracted so many fans that they flooded the newsgroup rec.arts.sf.written (rasfw) every time a new book was released. This lead to friction between the Jordan and non-Jordan fans, so they ended up creating rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan (rasfwrj), so far the only subgroup in the rasfw heirarchy. (You may ask: what are my contributions to Robert Jordan fandom. Well, I got my mother hooked...) Many frequent posters have set up pages. I list two big ones below.

The Archives
This collects almost everything related to Jordan and/or rasfwrj. It contains quite a bit of stuff. Most impressive is the WoT FAQ, which contains far more information than you would think. It also contains some fun humor sections.
Compleat Index of WoT-related WWW resources
What isn't contained in the Archives can almost certainly be found in a link from this site. It simply boggles the mind. Well, my mind, at any rate.

(I should add, this page is a fairly small subset of what I intend.)

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