I am not a big TV watcher. While it is true that I watch more TV than many people, particularly those in the 19th century, I feel that I watch less than many people. A possible cause of that is that I only really watch one show with any regularity. That show is The Simpsons.

The Archives
This is a really impressive collection of information gathered by the good people of (ats). It contains guides, lists, info about upcoming episodes, tons of links, and (most impressive of all) episode capsules that include transcripts and commentary.
The LISA (List of Inquiries and Substantive Answers)
This is the FAQ list created by the good people of ats (at least as far as I know). It too is an impressive amount of information, and it answers the more common Simpsons questions. (As is its purpose. Kinda makes sense, huh?)
This is the offical site set up by FOX to promote the cliffhanger between seasons six and seven. However that was a while ago, and I think everyone knows who did it by now. I include it mostly because the list would be incomplete without it.

I do watch shows other than The Simpsons (it's true; I have documents). One such show is Mystery Science Theater 3000. I really only have records for one MST3K link, but that's all right, since the maintainers of the Deus Ex Machina site claim it has links to just about everywhere in the MST3K web. I have no real reason to doubt them (yet).

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