Misc. Stuff

Well, while I could have put all this stuff into its own pages, I figured that was somewhat absurd. So, here are the links to stuff that didn't fit elsewhere. As usual, I'm going to change this from a list of links to a prose description of topics as soon as I get around to it.

The Unitarian Church in Summit (Unitarian Universalist)
This is my church's website. Ever wonder what a Unitarian Universalist is? Well, now you can find out. You can also read sermons by our minister(s). They're working on some other stuff, too.
The PSU Home Page
They're educating me, and paying for the equipment this page is stored on. I think my reasons for including this link are obvious.
The Dilbert Zone
Ah, Dilbert. This site contains a two-week archive of recent strips. It also has a store for merchandising. And a bunch of other wierd stuff.
The Truly Astrid Home Page
This is run by a former classmate of mine. I figured class loyalty, and all.

ZedneWeb: Misc. Stuff

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