July 13, 1998

I'd been saving this for some more wide-ranging updates, but it looks like those are still a ways off. Nothing major this time. I've updated the style sheet a bit to be more compatible with the Windows version of IE 4.0, which is generally the most accurate where CSS is concerned. This makes nested lists look a little silly in Navigator, but that seems a small price to pay.

Also new are corrected addresses on the Other Sites page for Jed Hagen and Tim Regewitz, both of whom have graduated college and moved on to new web hosting arrangements. Jed tells me he may get his Penn State by Night pages hosted on the Penn State alumni servers. When I recieve news, I'll post it here.

You may have noticed that these updates are getting more wordy. I'm considering turning this page into a sort of news page or pseudo-webzine. It mostly depends on whether I can come up with material regularly. I considered calling it "ZedneNews", but then I came to my senses.

On the Sfstory front, work continues on Starcruiser Anonymous. I recently cut about a third of episode 20 which I felt wasn't contributing to the story and wasn't particularly funny. Since then, I've made up for it with new material. Assuming I ever finish, 20 will most likely be the longest episode yet. Surprisingly, episode 21 has also made some progress. Hey, when the muse gives you the inspiration, you don't complain if it's out of sequence.

Outside of ZedneWeb, the New York Times had an article discussing the appeal of video games. Unfortunately, you must register to read it, and non-US residents evidently have to subscribe. (Like its any more expensive to send the signals out of the country. Sigh.)