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July 24, 1998

The long, long wait is over! Episode 20 of Starcruiser Anonymous has been released! It's a long one, too. Just over 50K(!). With the exception of episode 19, that's over twice the length of any preceeding episode.

To celebrate the release of episode 20, which not-too-coincidentally falls on the second anniversary of the series, I've also updated the Starcruiser Anonymous site, adding a description of the story and setting, its distribution and copyright information, and a quick guide to Sfstory for those readers unfamiliar with the series's heritage. The cast list has also been updated.

While I was at it, I redid the episode descriptions on the main Starcruiser Anonymous page. Again. They're even more succinct now.

I also updated the ZedneWeb Library page. It still needs work, but I'll save that for the future.

Lastly, I've redone the navigation aids and page titles for the site. I'm starting to make more liberal use of hiliting and link titles.

I hope to update the shared universes page next, but I've been wanting to update that for months now. We'll see what happens.