Occasional thoughts on diverse subjects

July 3, 1998

Here we go again: two months of nothing, then Dave suddenly dumps a ton of changes all at once.

Good news for those of you waiting for episode 20 of Starcruiser Anonymous: I've actually managed to get some work done on it. Not a lot though—things are still moving inconsistently, and I've just started a summer internship, which is what got me out of the habit of writing last summer (or, at least, what I like to blame). I've also gotten a fresh start on my post-SA series, currently code-named "Sigma". It looks pretty good, but don't expect it anytime soon.

Outside ZedneWeb, Salon Magazine has an article on Starcraft, using it to discuss the idea of a video game with a complex, engaging plot. It reminds me of why I like Marathon so much.

Speaking of Marathon, the Macintosh Gamer's Ledge reports that Bungie has finally given some hints about the game Bungie West has been quietly developing. It's evidently called Oni and features a female lead character named Konoko, an elite police agent who is sent to destroy an asian crime syndicate. Of course, Bungie is providing tons of dark, mysterious backstory to go along with it. The art is said to be anime-influenced. I can't be alone in thinking "Anime + Female + Oni = Urusei Yatsura", but I imagine the similarities end there.

Back in ZedneWeb, this page's "Future Possibilities" section is gone—not because ZedneWeb has no future, but because the section wasn't being updated and hadn't changed in so very long. It was depressing me.

Once again, I have changes I'd like to make in the near future. I'm not holding my breath, though.