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Posts from September, 1996

  1. Starcruiser Anonymous, Episode 5: Wherein Captain Mselt Arrives at Planet Gloom and Lots of Guards Get Shot

    Mselt finds himself in a race to deliver his news to the Emperor. Can Blue Squadron take advantage of the confusion and escape? (1996-09-02)

  2. Starcruiser Anonymous, Episode 6: Wherein Mselt Gets Promoted and Vending Machines Get Mentioned a Lot

    Trapped outside, Blue Squadron launch a daring scheme to sneak back into the Fortress and onto a departing shuttle. (1996-09-16)

  3. Starcruiser Anonymous, Episode 7: Wherein Three Subplots Converge in the Crelm System

    Green Squadron may be able to end their quest, provided they don’t get destroyed by their informant. (1996-09-30)