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Posts from October, 1996

  1. Starcruiser Anonymous, Episode 8: Wherein Jen Kadar Meets a Mysterious Stranger

    Orliss and company reach Planet Gloom, but can they bluff their way into the Fortress? And what is the Empire’s interest in Jen Kadar? (1996-10-07)

  2. Starcruiser Anonymous, Episode 9: Wherein the Blue Squadron Reaches Arorua

    Prince Lotekh confronts Governor Jjana while Blue Squadron make their getaway. Unfortunately, their freedom may be short-lived. (1996-10-14)

  3. Starcruiser Anonymous, Episode 10: Wherein Captain Harrison Gets a Speaking Part

    Green Squadron report what they have learned. Now Captain Harrison must decide how best to retrieve her captured crewmembers. (1996-10-28)